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Life is too short to eat boring food

Treat yourself with flavors your taste buds crave! 
Stop by the El Koreano food truck to experience a fusion of Korean and Mexican flavors. Whether you're craving a pork bulgogi torta, kimchi fried rice, or decadent dulce de leche churros topped with cocoa pebbles - the El Koreano food truck has everything to fulfill your cravings.

Curious to know what our food looks like? Scroll through our gallery below. 

Kimchi Fried Rice Quesadilla
Beef Bulgogi Torta
Furikake Fry
Fried What Quesadilla
Furikake Fries
kimchi fried rice with fried egg
El Koreano Food Truck
beef bulgogi
Furikake Fries
Beef bulgogi torta
Korean Style Street Tacos
sunnyside up eggs
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